Reading bike books…

So I’ve been reading bike books. Yep, my inner bike geek is showing. I recently bought “Bikenomics” by Elly Blue. It’s about how bicycling can make a huge difference in the economy…now there’s a surprise! From the title, you might have suspected…what? But that book will be the subject of another post. I’ll just say this now. Get it. Read it. Pay attention.

This short post will be on another book about bike riding, bikes, eating, fear, “bike culture,” etc. In other words, random musings. It’s called “Bike Snob: Systematically and Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling,” by the guy who calls himself Bike Snob NYC. It’s a lot of fun, and occasionally led me to chuckle while on a plane today (thankfully, my seatmates didn’t ask that I be held for questioning when we disembarked). You should get this one, too.

There were multiple occasions of chuckling between Houston and Phoenix. But the book has some serious stuff, too. Sort of. Here’s what made me actually pull out the computer and start writing:

“Don’t worry, you’re not turning into a brain-dead, zombie-like sleeping and eating machine. If anything, you were probably a brain-dead, zombie-like sleeping and eating machine before you became a cyclist. Really, what cycling is doing is burning the fat off of your life as well as your body.” (page 169)

I’ll just let you ponder that for a while.

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