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These Guys, LLC is devoted to advocating better cycling. Using education as the primary focus, we strive to improve awareness of cycling as a means of transportation, exercise and enjoyment. Courses for children, youth and adults are offered. Safe and effective cycling is taught in schools, police departments, and community settings. These Guys has also consulted with and done projects for the American Automobile Association, bike clubs, charity rides, and state Departments of Transportation.


Community Talks

Instructors can speak about bicycle and pedestrian safety at community events, community organization meetings, or other events.

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Confident Commuter

Presentations and technical assistance to businesses interested in promoting bicycling commuting and wellness.┬áThe program can be customized at each company. Options ranging from a single “classroom” presentation to a multi-part course combining classroom and on-bike components are available.

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Smart Cycling

Classroom and/or on-bike sessions built to increase rider comfort, ability and confidence about riding on roads with traffic. Teaches the basic concepts of vehicular cycling (bike driving). On-bike exercises include hazard avoidance maneuvers designed to prevent crashes.

You can complete the “classroom” portion online. We recommend that you attend a class in-person, if possible. Interactions with other students provide valuable learning that is not available if you elect to complete this portion of the course online.

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Law Enforcement

Classroom discussion and an on-bike look at traffic law from the cyclist’s and the law enforcement officer’s perspectives.

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Learn to Ride

Never learned how to ride a bike? Learn the basics of balancing a bike, stopping/starting, scanning/signaling, and turning in one morning or afternoon.

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School Assemblies

Instructors deliver a fast-paced, fun presentation including student “relay games” to demonstrate some of the principles of driving a bike. Younger children, who do not know the rules of the road, are given some basic traffic knowledge. Older children are shown how and why traffic rules apply to them.

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Bike Rodeos

Classroom and on-bike elements are combined to give students intellectual and practical experience of driving a bicycle. Some of the areas covered include: handling different types of bicycles, basic bicycle inspection and maintenance, rules of the road, safe and effective road riding.

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Learn to Ride

Children learn how a ride a bicycle very quickly. Many will become successful riders in a single, short session. The “new” method facilitates rapid learning: first, students learn balance. Then pedaling, and effective starting and stopping are added. Classes are scheduled; private lessons are also available.

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For those who prefer or require individual attention, private lessons are available. Contact us for more information and for custom offerings.

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