Here are links to a number of sites that are personal favorites:

Bike EasyCycling event listingsNew Orleans bicycle lawAfraid of the road...?
League of American Bicyclists     NO vs La. lawBike Safe: Fed Highway Admin
Pedestrian & Bicycle Information CenterGENERAL BICYCLING SITESNHTSA bicycle safety VIDEOCrash data Louisiana: Part 1
Jim Langley's pageNHTSA Bicycle safety courseCrash data Louisiana: Part 2
NJ bicycling manualCrash data: NHTSA
Bicycle DrivingGOVERNMENTNJ Traffic Law 2016Every Bicyclist Counts (LAB)
Bike ForumsBiking in NJ: OverviewPedBike Info Center (NC)Governors Highway Safety Assn/AAA report on Bicycling 2017
Bicycle UniverseEvery Place Counts toolkitIs bicycling dangerous?
Drivers pay for roads? Really?NHTSA Roll ModelLICENSING & REGISTRATION
NJ Highway Safety PlanLicensing mythsSHARE THE ROAD
ECONOMICSRails to Trails: Build trailsBicyclists v motorists
Biking improves businessMAGAZINESBuses & bikes
Bike lanes & business revenueINFRASTRUCTUREBicycling
Building a bike commuting programBuilding protected bike lanesBike RadarTRAINING & NUTRITION
Value of a cyclist's lifeLane Width: Effect on Safety and CapacityRoad Bike ActionCycling performance tips
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control DevicesRoad Bike RiderMountain bike camps
EDUCATIONStreetmix: interactive street building toolSingletracksMountain bike drills
4-year-old talks about learning to rideUrban Street Guide (NACTO)
Awareness test: moonwalking bearWhat have bicycles done for us?MAINTENANCETRAVEL
Bicycling efficiencyBike speed calculatorFlying with bikes
Bike MaineLEAGUE OF AMERICAN BICYCLISTSPark Tool repairRental bikes
Bike Rodeo guideLAB websiteSheldon Brown repair
     US Federal Highway AdministrationLAWRESEARCHBody language mistakes
Common cyclist infractions VIDEOBanning biking to school: legal riskBicycle Crash ResearchDisaster relief with bikes
Cycling safety resources: Ohio BikeBicycle lane NYC Niestat VIDEOBike boxes & crash data"The Rules" (tongue firmly in cheek)
Cycling Savvy: Why do you ride like that?Bike Law: natl cycling law specialists     MassachusettsTips for Communication
Dooring caught on camera: VIDEOBIKE LAW LOUISIANA: C Thomas     OhioWhy Bikes Work
Dooring with mannequin: VIDEOBIKE LAW OHIO S MagasBicycle May Use Full Lane signageThe Exploratorium
"Drive Your Bike": 1950's VIDEOBIKE LAW COLORADO: M HottmanBicycle-related research studies
Driver ed lesson planBike laws by state (LAB)Bike share safety
Grade (hill measurement)C3FT device for enforcementLAB Every Cyclist Counts critique
International Police Mountain Bike AssociationImpeding traffic...Lights: Only at Night?
John Forester: father of vehicular cyclingLA motor vehicle code
League of American Bicyclists parking lot drills: VIDEOLaw Enforcement TrainingROUTES
Learn-To-Ride: Bike New York     FloridaMap My Ride
"One Got Fat": 1950's VIDEO     GeorgiaRide with GPS (my favorite)
Vulnerable road user law, Austin TXModel Drivers' HandbookStrava heatmap

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