These Guys, LLC is devoted to one thing…advocating better cycling. It’s about education. A lot of people know how to ride a bicycle, right?

No…A lot of people know how to balance a bicycle. They can make the pedals go around, and don’t (usually) fall. Riding a bicycle means feeling confident at any time. It means the ability to ride in most weather conditions. It means using it for exercise, transportation, or just for the sheer joy of getting outside and doing something!

Just as every bike ride is a journey, so too is learning to ride a bike. You don’t need to know how to repair the bottom bracket or rear derailleur (maybe you don’t even want to know what those are). But knowing a bit about your bike, basic upkeep, and navigating in traffic will certainly widen your horizons…and make the journey even more fun.

Read a blog post. Come to a class. Check out some of the links I’ve posted. Most importantly: get on your bike and ride!

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